Commitee for SC ST

Establishment of Committee for SC / ST

As per the guidelines of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the SC/ST Cell has been constituted in the college to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the students, staff, and faculty members of SC/ST communities. The SC/ST Cell safeguards constitutional rights such as the Right to Equality, Prohibition of discrimination, Equality of opportunities, etc. the following are the main objectives of the SC/ST Cell.

  • Ensures the effective implementation of the policies and programs of the Government in respect of SC/ST students and staff.
  • To assist students from the SC/ST communities in improving their academic performance and optimizing their personal and social life at the Institute.
  • To overcome inferior complex related to interaction with fellow students and personal development activities.
  • The students admitted to various programs are to be provided post-admission The main focus is on the course curriculum, selection of optional subjects, the new multicultural and multi-lingual environment they face on the campus and the various facilities available to them.
  • To arrange language classes for students to improve communication skills and proficiency of language and Personality Development.
  • To provide Career counseling to the students.
  • Remedial / Co-Curricular coaching for skill development, writing assignments, making class presentations, public speaking, job selection, and job interviews.
  • To conduct special coaching classes using SCP funds provided exclusively for the welfare of SC/ST students.
  • To offer book bank facility semester-wise.
  • Any other forms of grievances to be redressed.

The committee with the following faculty members/officers is constituted to redress grievances.

1.Dr. A. SIVAKUMARPRINCIPALChairman9047015506
3.DR.P. CHANDRU DEVA KANNANPROF/HOD-S&HLiaison Officer9994075359
  1. The Committee shall meet at least twice a semester, and the decisions arrived at are mandatory to be The Committee functions under the Chairmanship of the Principal.
  2. The Liaison Officer, on behalf of the cell, facilitates the overall welfare of the students, staff, and faculty in these communities. The liaison Officer shall arrange various coaching classes on life skills, personality development, writing and presentation skills, etc. Interactive sessions and informal meetings with students may be conducted to help them deal with personal, social, and academic problems.
  3. The aggravated students, staff, and faculty belonging to SC/ST shall submit their grievances or approach to the Liaison Officer of the Cell for redressal of any grievance(s) regarding academic, administrative, or social problems. The Liaison Officer shall discuss with the person, give necessary advice/help to resolve the matter, and place in the forthcoming committee meetings for ratification. In critical situations, the Liaison Officer shall put forth the grievance(s) in the Committee meetings, and the committee will decide the course of action to resolve the matter.