Role And Responsibilities Of IIC Coordinators

S.NoName of the CoordinatorKey Role/ Position assigned in IICRoles / Responsibilities
1.Mr.Sivasankar /Asst.Prof – ECEInnovation Activity CoordinatorRoles: It is to, for organizing and coordinating after Innovation promotion activities and extend support to other activities. Recommend (Inst.Ambassadors) for workshops.
Conduct Quarterly Activities (Q1, Q2) as per the IIC Calendar:
1)Orientation session (Webinar / Workshop) – IIC activity
2)Innovation as carrier Opportunity – (Webinar / Workshop) – IIC Activity
3)Ideation Workshop (Subject Field) – (Workshop) – IIC Activity
4)Arrange Motivational Session related to Innovation and Innovators – IIC Activity
5)Session on Process of Innovation Development – IIC Activity
6)Call for paper writing and research report on Innovation – IIC Activity
7)Innovation for future (Wb / Wk) – Self driven activity
8)Breaking the barrier in Science (Wb) – Self driven activity
9)**Women innovators (Wb) – Self driven activity
10)Building up Innovation (Wb) – Self driven activity
2.Dr.C. Subramanian / Asso.Prof &HOD- MechStartup Activity CoordinatorRole: Primary responsible for organizing and coordinating after Start-up promotion
activities and extend support to other activities.
Making the students to get involved through Self Driven Activities.
Conduct Quarterly Activities as per the Quarterly Calendar:
1)Conduct My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Start-up founder – IIC activity
2)Conduct Start up related webinar /Seminar/Workshops/Ideothan – IIC Activity
3)Making Arrangement for a field visit — IIC Activity
4)Session on Prototype Validation – Converting Prototype into a Startup (Wk/Wb). – IIC Activity
5)Session on Accelerators/Incubation –Opportunities for Students & Faculties (Wk/Wb) – IIC Activity
6)Awareness about Start-up and related Ecosystem related webinar /Seminar/Workshops. – Self Driven Activity
7)Focus on Women in Science – Make in India (Wb) – Self Driven activity
8)Design Validation through various model of design validation – Self Driven activity
(e.g. Double Diamond Approach) (Wb/Workshop)
9)   Department related Activities (Debate/ Inhouse Competition) – Self Driven activity
10)  **Women innovators (Wb) – Self driven activity
3.Dr.M. Auxillia/Asso.Prof & HOD – ITNIRF CoordinatorRole: Primary responsible for creating repository and advising on more innovation and Research activities through faculties in campus to increase the ranking in NIRF and also extend support to other activities. Maintaining the NIRF documentary and making a error free for participation in the ranking cycle.
1)Session/ Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC) – IIC Activity
2)Business Plan/Prototype Competition to Invite Innovative Business Models From Students.(Wb/Wk) – IIC Activity
3)Session on “How to plan for Start-up and legal & Ethical Steps- (Wb/Wk) – IIC Activity
4)Invite speakers for Introduction to NIRF and its commodities (Wb/Wk) – IIC Activity
5)Teaching, Learning & Resources (TLR) (Wb/Seminar) – Self Driven Activity
6)NIRF ranking system and Methodology   (Wk/Seminar) – Self Driven Activity
7)Ethics in Higher Education: Policies and Praxis (Wb series) – Self Driven Activity
8)Footprint of Projects and Professional Practice (FPPP)(Wb/Wk) – Self Driven Activity
9)TLR related in house activity (Project /Apps creation) – Self Driven Activity
10)   Research paper formulation (faculty /students) (Wb/Wk) – Self Driven Activity
4.Mr.C.Thiagarajan /Asst.Prof – ECEARIIA CoordinatorRoles:
Primary responsible for creating repository and advising on more innovation and startup activities (Students) in campus to increase the ranking in ARIIA and also extend support to Start up activities.
1)Pre-Incubators and Acceleration in HEIs(Wb/Wk) – IIC Activity
2)Productive Entrepreneurship and Start-up(Wb/ Wk)- IIC Activity
3)Involving Student to take up online registration – ATAL Ranking
4)Teaching and Learning Courses on Innovation, Entrepreneurship & IPR (Wb/Wk)  – IIC Activity
5)Intellectual Property (IP), Generation and Commercialization (Wb/Wk) – IIC Activity
6)Preparation of Annual Budget (Expense and Revenue) on Promoting and Supporting I&E Activities. – IIC Activity
7)Maintain the records of all the Frameworks listed. – ATAL Ranking
8) ARIIA portal updating – Prequalifier and Post Qualification – ATAL Ranking (August – October)
5.Mr.J.Mani /Asst.Prof–CSEInternship Activity CoordinatorRoles: Primary responsible for organizing and coordinating after Internship opportunity and engage student in Startups, innovation labs and incubation center etc. to promote innovation activities and extend support to other activities.
1)Benefit of Internship/Training–Industry / Students /Institute (Wb/Seminar)- IIC Activity
2)Guidelines for students Health, safety and welfare of apprentices (Wb)- IIC Activity
3)AICTE Internship Student Enrolment – ATAL Ranking /NIRF Ranking
4)AICTE Activity Point Programme – Inter/Intra college (Wb) – ATAL Ranking
5)MOU with different scales of Industries (S/M/L)- ATAL Ranking
6)Arranging Industrial Visits.
7)Inculcate students to familiarize with the General Internship guidelines.
8)Mapping of internship programme outcome with NBA Graduate attributes – ATAL /NIRF Ranking
6.Mr.Jeyaraj/Asst.Prof – CSEIPR CoordinatorRoles:Primary responsible for organizing and coordinating after IPR mentoring, awareness opportunity to promote innovation activities and extend support to other activities.
1)4Ps(Problem, Prototype, Product and profit)(Wb/Wk)-IIC Activity
2)National Innovation and start-up Policy 2019 (Wb/Wk)-IIC Activity
3)IP Expert/ Patent Expert(Wb /Wk)- IIC Activity
4)Intellectual Property Management(Wb/Wk) – IIC Activity
5)IP flow involve
6)Validate idea- patent ability analysis on google(WIPO)(Wb/Wk)-IIC Activity
7)Patent valuation and Market research- Before taking commercialization of licensing, first valuation of patent is important.
8)USP- Unique selling projection- Make research before launching your product in market.
7.Dr.S. Anandalatchoumy/Asso.Prof &HOD – ECESocial Media CoordinatorRoles: Primary responsible for organizing and coordinating through social media promotion and  public relation and effectively communicating regarding various activities undertaken to promote innovation activities and extend support to other activities.
1)Documentation of all IIC related activities.
2)The report for each activity needs to be submitted on IIC portal.
3)At least two program/activity photos should be uploaded on IIC portal. One photo should cover the participants from front and other should cover students and stage/screen. The photos should be able to conclusively assert the conduction/organization of program/ activity.
4)A one to two-minute video of the program/activity should be uploaded on the
5)YouTube/Facebook/ Twitter channel of Institute or IIC and it should be public. Also, the URL of the video & photo should be provided during the submission of report. The video should cover all students, speakers and stage.
6)Submit documentary report for IIC portal to highlight innovative projects carried
out by institution’s faculty and students.
7)Prepare quarterly action plan activities with the given format.
Ø Important links : Follow and share the programs with social
accounts of MHRD, MIC, AICTE:
8.Student Tech workshopLearn design thinking approach for hardware innovation Business Idea and Business Model Canvas
How to identify real problem and solution using the Double Diamond Approach in design.
Healthcare, Ayurveda and Yoga and meditation sectors provide new business opportunity.
9.Literary ClubOther intra curricular activities, Self-driven activities, Communication Skill and Team build.

Thrust area: Inspiration, Motivation & Ideation

Organise One/Half Day Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity”.

The expert should be invited from Industry, Start-up or Academia.

The workshop should focus on following:

  • Interpersonal skills & Entrepreneurship
  • Critical & creative thinking skills
  • Practical entrepreneurial skills & knowledge
  • Entrepreneurship as an alternative career.
  • Global, National and Local success stories.