Introduction to Industrial Relations Cell

Vision :
To build a bridge for interaction between our Colleges and the following.

  • Industries.
  • Other reputed Educational Institutions.
  • R&D Labs.
  • NGOs.

Goal :

  • Development of MOUs for the below-mentioned purposes with the
    Industries, Educational Institutions, R&D Labs, and NGOs and forming long-term Partnerships.
  • We at CCET aim to offer the best to all of our stakeholders – Students,
    Faculties, Industries, and partners.
  • We wish to be the most preferred college by all of them. We are proud that we impart the relevant skills and knowledge to budding engineers through our very able teaching staff.

To the Students :

  • Value addition -apart from the curriculum.
  • Providing relevant Industry interaction.
  • Fine-tune the overall personality of the students.
  • Providing the best employment opportunities.
  • Exposure to various opportunities to stay updated about the latest trends and technologies.

To the Teaching Staff :

  • Value addition by relevant industry interaction.
  • Providing a conducive environment for R&D projects.
  • Opportunity to be in touch with the latest trends and technologies.
  • Opportunity to work with industries on live projects.
  • Opportunity to give consultancy to industries.

To the Industries and other partners :

  • Providing employment-ready and sincere Engineers.
  • Providing support and workforce for projects.
  • Providing consultancy on specialized topics.
  • Providing Labs for R&D work or other projects.
  • Incubation center.
  • Providing Training on specialized topics.

Students :

Students are the most important entity of our system. We put in much effort to impart the best and updated knowledge to our students. Also, we make sure to inculcate the habit of being vigilant and self-motivated about this whole learning process. They have an activated mind that is constantly searching for new and challenging tasks in addition to their curriculum. Thus they are zeal to learn the practical implementation of the topics being taught to them and become ‘better than fresh graduates’ at the time of final placements. We wish to assist them in this endeavor and help them become better professionals through the IR department.

Faculty Members :

Faculty members here are chosen with utmost sincerity and scrutiny and that’s why we boast about being a good name in the market. The faculty members have the right attitude towards this noble profession of imparting knowledge. They are in line to excellence in education’. We are progressing towards being the most professionally run and successful educational institution in India. Our qualified and able team of educators is willing to impart knowledge outside the Sanstha. They are well-equipped to undertake live industrial projects or R&D tasks. We aim to provide them with great avenues for such activities.

  • Industrial training to our students and faculties. Visits to the destinations of academic relevance.
  • Short-term assignment to faculty members in industries.
  • Setting up of testing centers, incubation centers and R&D labs at our campus.
  • Getting outsourced mini projects or modules of large projects.
  • Visits by Industries, Educational Institutions, R&D Labs, PSUs and NGOs to our Institutes.
  • Guest lectures/workshops/seminars by people from Industries, Educational Institutions, R&D Labs, PSUs and NGOs.
  • Earn while you learn modules for our students.
  • Internship programs.
  • Sponsoring equipments for the benefit of our students.
  • Scholarship programs/ CSR activities.